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Fast First Upload 🚀

Setting up an S3 bucket before using Shubox - no longer required!

Photo by Ghost Presenter on Unsplash

As a developer who uses more than their fair share of services as a means to shave time off from doing task X in order to get feature Y done, I know what it means to get to a *win* as fast as possible. Push-button successes, right? The nice touches that get you to “done”.

In light of that, Shubox has put together a “sandbox” bucket that can be used immediately with your local development environment upon registering your account. You no longer need to get your S3 bucket ready to go in order to test the main Shubox functionality. As long as your local app/web server is running on localhost/ then you’re ready to get started.

All that’s left is to place our javascript library in your html, and hook Shubox into your element(s). Done.

For more information and instructions sign up, or sign in, visit the sandbox page, and get ‘ta uploadin’.

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