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Simple. Fast. Customizable.

Upload, transform, optimize, and convert files & images from your web app, directly to Amazon S3.

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Built for developers who have bigger fish to fry.

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Direct Uploads

Quickly handle user supplied images in your web app with a completely customizable interface. We do the hard work for you.

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Webhook Endpoints

Shubox can send you detailed information about your uploads like, dimensions, orientation, file size and much more.

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Image Transformations

Optimized images are key to great performance. Tell Shubox how to transform your images and they'll be processed on upload.

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Orientation Correction

Nothing is more annoying than a flopped photo. Shubox corrects image orientation so you have one less thing to worry about.

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Strip EXIF Data

Every photo comes loaded EXIF data that adds size to the file. Shubox strips that away so you only serve the bytes you need to.

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Extract Frames from Animated Gifs

Shubox doesn't flatten animated Gifs. Instead it gives you a static keyframe and retains the original in all it's glory.

Shubox is a super easy way to upload files to S3. I love that I didn't have to build in file management into my app and I could just focus on what was important to my customers.

Nick Gauthier
Founder, MeetSpace

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