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Open for Business!

Hi 👋, I’m Joel. I’m the founder of Shubox. How are you?

It’s been several months since I shared anything about Shubox being something I was working on. I have spent the majority of my spare time this winter and spring working on so as many facets of the application and keeping my head down that I didn’t think I had a whole lot to share.

But now I believe Shubox is ready to flip the sign around to “open” and enthusiastically welcome everyone to the app. We’re ready for business.

Let me first give some context as to what Shubox will strive to be. I want it to be the easiest, quickest, and most painless way to allow your users — whether they’re your end-users or your internal team — to upload images to S3.

Let me unpack a few points there: Yes, we are built with S3 specifically in mind. I am one of many who feel that as far as asset hosting is concerned, S3 is the beginning and end of the conversation. It’s reliable, it’s inexpensive for most use cases, and it’s ubiquitous. You have an S3 bucket or two to spare, right? You’ll be serving your files from your own S3 account. I believe that ownership of your assets is important. I don’t want my files living in someone else’s buckets. In addition, this allows Shubox to keep our costs low. That is by no means a trivial point 😄.

To start out, Shubox will be focusing on images as our main asset. I can certainly see this evolving to something that may accept PDFs and do some fancy OCR but don’t hold me to it!

I believe that the tools and the infrastructure closely align with what web developers are utilizing today. These are the tools I, and many around me, have reached for consistently for years.

Considering the above points, I’d like you to ask yourself “Does my or my client’s app accept image uploads? Are uploads taking too long? Are uploads taking up too much of our server resources? Am I too often fiddling with code around all of my file uploads?” If so, I really think Shubox can help you! Go ahead, give it a shot!

Follow us, or let us know what you think, on Twitter at @shuboxio